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High Strength 3D Printed Parts, Verified.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

For companies operating in manufacturing or engineering, a new innovation in Additive Manufacturing capabilities is now available.

Markforged Blacksmith is an automated, in-process quality control software available for the Markforged Industrial X7 3D printer.

The automatic in-process laser inspection system enables you to produce verified parts straight off the printer, removing the need for additional inspection processes, reducing the risk of quality issues and ensuring part conformity.

What makes this tool revolutionary?

This tool makes manufacturing more efficient, by enabling control of the 3D printing process, providing real time data during fabrication.

Blacksmith enables companies to:

  1. Remove the need for additional inspection processes; CMM, use of gauges, 3D scanners or outsource to an inspection facility, which are all expensive and time consuming

  2. Verify parts during fabrication to reduce quality control delays and get parts to your production line faster

  3. Provide automated print reports to ensure part specification and tolerance

Request a demo to understand how automated quality control software can help your business get to market faster and develop a consolidated approach to using Additive in your processes.

High-Strength Parts, Verified

The Markforged Digital Forge solution of the Industrial X7 3D printer, with Blacksmith automated in-process inspection means you can produce reliable and strong 3D printed parts, verified.

Printing parts in specialist Onyx, ESD and Flame Retardant Nylons, with the option to add reinforcing fibres of Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, High-Strength High-Temperature Fibreglass and Kevlar, for parts as strong as machined aluminium.

This combination enables you to print end-use parts, production aids, tooling and replace machined components, accurately and consistently, whilst seeing dramatic reductions in costs and shortened lead times.

Find out for yourself

See how your business can benefit from Additive. View the full Markforged product range and request a free test print

Alternatively, give our team a call to to discuss your needs in more detail on 0800 689 1011.


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