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How a need for a 3D printer for R&D snowballed into an entire business process re-design

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Our manufacturing, engineering and design clients generate big successes integrating Additive Manufacturing, from 95%+ cost savings on bespoke jigs and fixtures, to 97%+ lead time reductions by printing stock parts in-house, instead of relying on external suppliers.

Check out the snapshots below...

Bespoke End-Use Components, Production Aids and Highly Customised Products

When we first met Fastlane Turnstiles, part of Integrated Design Limited, over 2 years ago, their Technical Manager was looking to invest in a 3D printer to develop R&D in-house, faster and at lower cost. What started out as a single motivation, quickly snowballed into the technology becoming integral in all aspects of the business, and changing the way in which Fastlane operate.

The outcome? AM is now used from the beginning of the sales process, through to design concept, production and assembly, resulting in

  • Production of bespoke units in just 8-10 weeks

  • Ability to produce previously cost & time prohibitive end-use parts

  • Up to 95.5% cost reduction for production aids and tools

  • Achieve right-first-time applications with bespoke jigs


Faster Part Re-Engineering

Radius Systems, a gas pipeline solutions manufacturer, was able to achieve 93% cost savings by re-engineering and 3D printing functional prototypes in house for CFD analysis.

The result was a component that was better performing with enhanced functionality and developed at a faster rate of turnaround (with a 97% lead time reduction), meaning Radius could deliver a more agile & competitive solution. Read the full story


100 Industry Applications

One of our AM partners, Markforged, has also just released a new additive trends report, which analyses 100+ 3D printing applications from manufacturers around the world. This report showcases Additive Manufacturing applications that are optimising supply chains and changing manufacturing. Download the report


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