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​As a manufacturer of Medical Devices, your company will operate in a challenging, changing and demanding landscape.  Speed becomes a key factor in maintaining a competitive advantage: 


Speed in product development | Speed in research | Speed in production | Speed in supply | Speed to market


Additive Manufacturing is well placed to assist in these goals, and the latest advanced form of 3D printing technology will boost your prototyping and production productivity, whilst reducing costs.

With ultrafast print times, in minutes and seconds, you can 3D print concepts, prototypes, bespoke jigs, fixtures and tooling in high quality performance materials developed with Henkel, including medical grade, polypropylene-like materials.

Interested in using Additive Manufacturing?

  • Speed up and simplify the R&D process

Using functional and specialist materials, accurate 3D printed parts are ready in a matter of minutes, for functional design testing and development


  • Production aids, tools and fixtures

Produce urgent components or tools on demand, on a same day basis


  • On-demand manufacturing & new revenue streams

The technology can be used for low volume batch production, master tools or moulds where injection moulding costs are prohibitive

Complete the form and an Applications Engineer will be in touch to discuss your application.

50 venturi tubes 3D printed in just 27 minutes

Equates to 1 part every 32 seconds



As an independent Solutions Provider for Additive Manufacturing Technologies, we will share our cross-industry knowledge with you, so your company can gain a competitive advantage.

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