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Our 3D Printers are Indispensable.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Read the Case Study from Active8 Robots, specialists in the smarter application

of robotics technologies, industrial automation and system integration solutions.


In automation, light-weight end effectors increase the productivity of the robot, which in turn increases efficiency, reduces costs and wear and tear. The challenge is how to achieve bespoke, light-weight, cost effective solutions, and quickly.


Active8 Robots have integrated Additive Manufacturing into all engineering processes. Active8 Robots has a dedicated innovation centre with an expansive range of Additive Manufacturing technologies for rapid prototyping capabilities. Furthermore, Active8’s portfolio of Markforged 3D printers enables manufacturing on demand, and avoids stockholding.

“The key benefit from integrating the Markforged 3D printers is the flexibility. We can begin solving any sort of problem immediately” highlights Silvia Sanchez, Marketing Manager.


Markforged 3D printers have enabled Active8 Robots to:

  • Produce lighter weight end of arm tooling and end effectors

  • Reduce production lead times from 3-4 weeks to <12 hours

  • Generate new business, by producing end-use components with the Markforged 3D printers that were previously too difficult and costly to achieve using traditional manufacturing methods


For information on how your business can benefit from Additive Manufacturing technologies in-house, contact CREAT3D on 0800 689 1011.


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