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Formlabs Releases ESD Resin

Formlabs have released a new ESD Resin material, compatible with a range of Formlabs SLA 3D printers.

For use throughout electronics manufacturing, this new resin is a cost-effective solution to create custom ESD-safe components.

3D printing in the new Formlabs ESD Resin enables a user to protect critical electronics from static discharge, to prevent component failures. The high toughness, high modulus and impact strength of ESD Resin means that 3D printed parts are made to withstand operation on the production line.

ESD Resin is a cost-effective solution ideal for producing static-dissipative parts designed to endure use on the factory floor, such as:

  • Tooling & fixturing for electronics manufacturing

  • Custom trays for component handling and storage

  • Anti-static prototype and end-use components


Formlabs ESD resin is just one of the Additive solutions available to companies operating in Electronics Manufacturing

If you are exploring whether 3D printing may be right for your business, contact our Additive Experts to discuss your applications in more detail.


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