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Formlabs completes large-format 3D printing ecosystem with new Form Wash L & Form Cure L

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Formlabs have announced their new Form Wash L and Form Cure L post-processing units, completing their large-format 3D printing ecosystem.

The Form Wash L and Cure L compliment Formlabs' Form 3L and Form 3BL SLA 3D printers, to print, wash and cure large parts of models in a seamless, streamlined process.

Parts with a size of up to 33.5 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm can be post-processed in the Form Wash L and Form Cure L. That's big enough even for our full-scale Mandalorian helmet, which was printed on the Form 3L!

The Form Wash L can fit a whole Form 3L build platform, or two Form 3 or Form 2 build platforms at once, to save time post-processing large batches of smaller parts. It also includes automated wash cycle options, including Quick, Default, Long and Custom. When washing completes, Form Wash L automatically raises parts out of wash solution, with auto-tilt at the end of wash cycle to preserve solvent.

The Form Cure L heats to 80°C in less than 10 minutes, and includes powerful LEDs, alongside a reflective inner cavity and large, rotating turntable to uniformly cure parts.

Contact our team of Additive experts for more information on the Form Wash L and Form Cure L, and to learn more about the full Formlabs large-format SLA 3D printing ecosystem.


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