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3D Printing becomes part of production at LISI Aerospace

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

LISI Aerospace introduced Markforged composite 3D printers into their Additive Manufacturing capabilities to save on production times, costs and scrappage.

LISI Aerospace, headquartered in France, is in the top 100 companies in the global aerospace value chain. The company's manufacturing plant at Rugby, UK specialises in the manufacture of fasteners for the aircraft industry, providing fasteners for key clients including Airbus and the Civil Aircraft market.

Working closely with CREAT3D, LISI Aerospace's adoption of Markforged 3D printing technology has allowed them to achieve:

  • Direct ROI in just 6 months

  • Zero scrappage costs through using 3D printed components

  • Set up of Supply Point Systems with approved 3D printed tooling and components for operators to access

  • Better performing, cross-functional teams with an ability to identify and fix issues earlier in the production process

  • Fast problem solving for productive and agile production lines, reducing down time and scrappage

Read our case study with LISI Aerospace, or watch our video case study below to find out more:

Contact CREAT3D on 0800 689 1011 to discuss your applications.


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