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Release the Beast! Markforged unveils new FX20 3D printer

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Markforged have released their biggest, fastest, most sophisticated 3D printer yet: the FX20.

The FX20 is capable of printing industrial-strength end use parts, in Onyx, Onyx ESD, Onyx FR (Flame Retardant), White Nylon and high-performance thermoplastic material ULTEM™ 9085 Filament.

The industrial printer also utilises Continuous Fibre Reinforcement 3D printing technology, for stronger, more durable parts. And if can do all this faster than ever before - up to 8x faster!

With the capacity to print parts up to 525mm x 400mm x 400mm in size, the FX20 is ideal for 3D printing high performance parts, complete assemblies, large tooling, prototypes and production parts.

This new machine is able to meet the needs of the most demanding manufacturing industries, from Aerospace to Automotive and Oil & Gas to Defence. Built for scalable production, this game changing 3D printer is set to make a big impact on the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Do you need to print complete assemblies, large tooling, prototypes and production parts in high-performance, high-strength materials?

Get in touch with our Additive experts to explore the Markforged FX20 further.

The ULTEM™ and 9085 trademarks are used under license from SABIC, its affiliates or subsidiaries.


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