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The Need for Speed in 3D Printing

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Sometimes 3D printing needs to be fast, and sometimes it needs to be ultrafast!

Speed is a key factor in getting a product to market, whether in rapid research and testing, or when a product needs to go from design to end part in just a matter of hours, particularly when it comes to fast moving consumer goods.

If you are looking for a machine that delivers true rapid prototyping and low volume production-scale manufacturing in a matter of seconds and minutes, rather than hours and days, then let us introduce you to the Nexa3D NXE400.

Think of it as the supercar of 3D printing – it looks just as accomplished as one too!

The Nexa3D NXE400 uses LSPc (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing, a form of SLA) technology to deliver speed, accuracy and durable parts, transforming Additive Manufacturing. Because of the incredible printing speed of up to 10mm per minute, parts can be printed on demand. With a large build size of 275mm (w) x 155mm (d) x 400mm (h), the NXE400 can be used to produce a single large build, or multiple parts in super-fast print times.

With speed of development as a top priority, it’s no wonder that Williams Racing have recently announced their partnership with Nexa3D. “With its ultrafast production cycles, the NXE400 represents the Formula One of additive manufacturing at scale” said Avi Reichental co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Nexa3D. CREAT3D are also excited to be on board with this partnership as Nexa3D’s UK partner, supporting both parties on fully integrating the ultrafast technology at Williams.

Here are some of our top ultrafast 3D prints, produced using the Nexa3D NXE400:

2x F1 air intake duct 58 minutes total 24 minutes per part

6x full size joy sticks 45 minutes total 7 ½ minutes per part

30x model pineapples 57 minutes total 1 minute 54 seconds per pineapple

80x valves 41 minutes total 30 seconds per part

800x nasopharyngeal swabs 3.5 hours total 16 seconds per swab

To put this into perspective, to print 6x full size joy sticks on an FFF/FDM 3D printer, it would take 3 days and 1 hour to print 6 joysticks.

With a 98.97% reduction in time, the Nexa3D NXE400 is truly delivering rapid prototyping!

Not only is the NXE400 ultra-fast, producing accurate parts in minutes, it is also versatile, with a wide range of materials for various types of applications:

Rapid Prototyping

If super-fast rapid prototyping is your goal, NEXA3D offers some great options;

  • The x45 range are tough materials that are ideal for models and functional prototypes requiring high strength and durability.

  • The xGPP materials create detail and great surface finish, and are available in both grey and translucent at low part cost.


For engineering applications, a range of materials are available:

  • The xCE materials are lightweight, yet sturdy, with isotropic properties for automotive, electronics and industrial components.

  • xPP405 is a tough, impact-resistant material with a modulus similar to moulded unfilled polypropylene. It exhibits excellent weathering characteristics and UV stability, making it suitable for end-use part applications, particularly for outdoor settings.

  • The 3843-xABS material offers high performance, high modulus and excellent flexural and tensile physical properties, ideal for snap fits, jigs and fixtures and end use parts.

  • The stiff and heat-resistant xPEEK147 is also a widely used engineering material. With excellent long-term stability at temperatures exceeding 100°C, it is well suited for end-use parts subjected to high temperatures and fast tooling for plastic moulding.


  • Nexa3D’s specialist materials widely favour the dental and medical industries, including KeyModel Ultra, KeyGuide and xMED412 materials. Nexa3D have also recently released their NXD 200 3D printer, a revolutionary patented LSPc technology machine designed with dental applications in mind.

  • Nexa3D also offers other unique specialist materials including xCast, tailored specifically for the production of precision investment casting patterns on the NXE400 3D printer.

With many more Nexa3D materials available on our online store, you are sure to find the right material for your 3D printed applications.

Fancy taking the Nexa3D NXE400 for a test drive? Request your own free test print and demo, or discuss your application with the CREAT3D Team on 0800 689 1011.


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