3D Printed Pineapples

You may be asking yourself, of all the things to print, why a pineapple? Well why not!

Not only a symbol of hospitality and friendship, but moreover, the pineapple is an organic and intricate shape, that traditionally is hard to produce.

With 3D printing, producing such a complex and organic shape is easy. Using the NXE400 by Nexa3D, an ultrafast resin based Industrial 3D printer, we produced a bed of 30 pineapples in just 57 minutes.

That's 1 minute 54 seconds for each pineapple.

Where time is short and demands for models and props are high, the Nexa3D is ideally matched for rapid prototyping and fast production:

1. Ultrafast print speeds: print parts, models, props or accessories in mere minutes, allowing more time for your skilled team to finesse

2. Large build size of 275mm (w) x 155mm (d) x 400mm (h): benefit from a single large build, or multiple parts in super-fast print times

3. Wide range of materials: from prototyping & modelling materials through to more durable, stiff and high-temp resins

Request your own free test print or discuss your application with the CREAT3D Team on 0800 689 1011.

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