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Multiple physical designs in a single day

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

We all know the benefits that Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing can bring to product development in the form of rapid prototyping, taking a design from CAD to a physical part.

But what could it mean to your business to produce multiple parts in just a matter of minutes or hours, producing 5, 10, 20 plus designs per day, rather than an extended product design and development cycle?

Having worked over the past 7 years with a huge variety of clients in consumer goods, product development, architecture, medical and SFX applications, we know that one of the frustration points of AM has been speed of printing - getting designs out quick enough!

Getting products to market quickly, producing props and models for film making, sales models for customer sales visits or being able to work through multiple design iterations prior to production are all current pain points for some of our clients.

We understand that sometimes rapid prototyping, really does need to be rapid! Which is why we've just added Nexa3D to our line-up. One of the printer's key features is its print speed, printing up to 1 Z cm per minute. What it translates to is the ability to 3D print, and fast: iterate a dozen designs in a single day, produce a revised prototype during a design meeting, make multiple products in a single day or offer same day turnaround to your clients.

These 6 joysticks (156.2mm in height) took 45 mins in total, that's an impressive 7.5 minutes per part.

Drop the CREAT3D Team a line on 0800 69 1011 if you want to challenge us with how quickly we can produce your parts.


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