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Large scale 3D printing

We are excited to announce that large scale 3D printers have arrived at CREAT3D HQ!

Recently appointed as UK Reseller for BigRep 3D printers, equipment and services, we are pleased to add the BigRep STUDIO and BigRep ONE to our range of additive manufacturing solutions.

The BigRep ONE and BigRep STUDIO 3D printers have large build capacities, well suited to a range of applications where size really does matter!

Ideal for manufacturing applications of large size panels, models, components, props and prototypes.

BigRep 3D printers have been designed and fine-tuned to print big. The machines can print in a range of filaments including PLA, PETG and other Pro materials. Producing great quality prints, the BigRep 3D printers also feature unique print head configurations offering flexibility on material combinations and print speed options and settings, as well as a resume print after power failure for business continuity.

Build sizes

BigRep ONE: 1005mm x 1005mm x 1005mm

BigRep STUDIO: 500mm x 1000mm x 500mm

Find out more

Interested in large build 3D printing? Contact the CREAT3D Team to find out more about integrating BigRep 3D printers into your company.

Read more about our views on the Industrial Revolution in 3D in the BigRep Blog.

3D printed large propellor
Large 3D printed end-prototype propellor with BigRep equipment

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