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Fossilising the CREAT3D Team in 3D Print

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

2D photos just don't cut it for our team wall at our CREAT3D office....and seeing as we live and breathe 3D printing, we thought we'd do something a little fun.

So we scanned, 3D printed, painted and mounted the CREAT3D Team!

Read on to find out the processes involved...

3D scanning and 3D design

As we didn't need to capture vast levels of detail, the easiest way to convert our team's faces into a 3D model was to use a 3D scanner. Taking a few minutes per scan we could then import the basic data into CAD to tidy up each model (and ensure no-one had any missing features), before exporting into Cura for file preparation for printing.

Our team designed a simple picture frame and hook. The name tags were a customised version from Thingiverse. Oh and the crown? 3D printed of course. It moves head to head depending on which team member wins employee of the month!

3D printing

For printing we used our range of Ultimaker 3D printers (Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 3 for the heads and Ultimaker 2+ for the frames). The heads were printed in Ultimaker PLA White and the frames were printed in colorFabb Translucent Orange PLA/PHA. The Ultimaker produces a good print quality and because of the orientation due to the good build size, we could print the heads flat to the bed in an orientation generating the least amount of support material. Each head took approximately six hours to print.

Finishing the 3D prints

We wanted to create a stone-like effect on our models. Having printed and removed any supports from the models, we then applied Rust-Oleum Concrete Effect paint. Using white PLA as the print material provided a good base for the paint, and as the coverage was good, applied two coats to each model. The finished result? A wall of CREAT3D team statues!

Want to join the CREAT3D Team with your own head on our wall? Apply for one of our open positions.


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