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Formlabs Fuse 1 Roadshow at CREAT3D

On Wednesday 2nd March, the CREAT3D Team welcomed guests back to Reading for our first showroom event in over 2 years!

Joined by expert speakers from Formlabs, and guests from a range of local businesses, both existing customers and new faces, the Fuse 1 Roadshow was a great success.

You can’t beat in-person events! It was wonderful to meet and chat with engineers and designers from so many different companies and industries, about a huge range of applications that are perfect for SLS tech” said Marketing Director Sabina Gonzalez-George.

The event began by exploring the Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer, it's capabilities, and some excellent case studies of how businesses have benefitted form this technology, including automotive supplier Defender3D.

Our guests were the first group in the world to see the new Nylon 12 GF Powder material in person, having been announced just the day before! We were able to to receive in-depth material analysis and information from experts from Formlabs, and see large sample parts made from the new glass-filled material up close.

"It was particularly great to have the new Nylon 12 GF glass-filled powder here, so everyone could see the print quality in person and test how strong this great new functional material is!" exclaimed Managing Director Simon Chandler.

The event also included interactive demos of the entire Fuse 1 ecosystem: design and slicing software, the Fuse 1 3D printer, the Fuse Sift and post-processing. Split into smaller groups and rotating around the stations our guests were able to get hands-on with each stage of the process, and ask personalised questions about any part of the process.

"It was great to see so many people at our in-person Fuse 1 event this week – it made a nice change from chatting over video call!" said Major Accounts Manager Sachin Patel. "We were also the first to talk about the new Nylon 12 GF powder. We were all really impressed by the strength and quality of these parts, and can’t wait to see what applications our customers use this new powder for. Looking forward to the next event!"

Missed the event and want to explore SLS 3D printing in person? Book your session a our March Additive Manufacturing Open Week, or keep an eye on our events page to join us at a future event.


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