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Generative design offers a number of benefits to design development and manufacturing processes, enabling light-weighting and performance enhancements in your parts.

Traditionally, incorporating generative design into a project can be a time consuming and costly process, requiring multiple programmes, expensive computing power and the need to export and re-import 3D models across software, as part of the validation and FEA workflow.

We've been experimenting with the new COGNICAD generative design software by ParaMatters on a motorbike number plate bracket. Read on to see how our design developed.

Original R1 bracket photo
Original R1 bracket

Redesign of Original Bracket

The number plate bracket for a Yamaha R1 had broken and needed replacing. We took the opportunity to redesign the bracket, optimising the design for Additive Manufacturing with a customised fit.

Whilst the overall design was improved (see photos of Blue Bracket below), a couple of iterations were required to check the fit of the part to the bike, following testing and assembly.

Optimisation of Design To further improve our design, we imported our design into CogniCAD Generative Design software. Setting a variety of loading conditions and design constraints, we optimised our design, further reducing weight and print time. We also used the FEA capabilities to assess the part under stress, eliminating the need to print multiple iterations for testing and validation. Further to this, overall print time for the final bracket (Black Bracket below) was reduced from 4 hours to under 3 hours, and material used reduced by 30g.

What we love about ParaMatters

In short, the COGNICAD software is intuitive to use, with a smooth flow of activities. We imported our CAD file and set the design parameters, fencing off elements that could not be changed, and setting the design area that was free for optimisation. We had full control over setting constraints so we could set load requirements. Once we were happy with settings, we let the programme do its thing!

Here's our top 5 benefits of the software:

  1. Access to loading conditions and design constraints. Full control over these parameters or utilise powerful AI to do the hard work for you!

  2. Cloud based. Easily integrated into the business, across teams and departments, by simply logging in online. Benefit from unlimited processing power of the cloud.

  3. Built-in FEA. CogniCAD performs the analysis of your optimised part, so there’s no need to export your file into 3rd party FEA software.

  4. Export your part in STEP or STL format. Be ready for any CAD amendments, or take your optimised manifold STL file straight through to 3D printing.

  5. Token based usage. No subscription costs or outright purchase, simply sign up and order tokens in batches. Use your tokens only when you send the design to be re-engineered.

Check out the power of the software for yourself. We are offering some free design tokens. Either complete the ParaMatters form (on our site), or give the team a call on 0800 689 10 11.


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