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Covid-19 Support with Additive Manufacturing

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Here at CREAT3D, along with our manufacturer partners and clients we are committed to help combat the impact of Covid-19.

At our base in Reading, Berkshire, we have a large 3D printer capacity ready to mobilise to support with production of components, devices, tools and equipment.  We have registered our services at a number of government and local authorities and are in discussions with healthcare advisors.

We are receiving a growing number of enquiries from our business clients as to how you can lend support to the cause. If you would like to help, please register your details via the link below. As and when viable projects become available, we will contact you to discuss how you can best support the need.

If you require support for Covid-19 related projects, please also follow the link to complete the form and select "Require Support".

To register your business support directly at the UK Government, visit:

Alternatively, please see the following links to responses set up by some of our 3D printer manufacturer partners for international activities:


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