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3D printed end use parts for high end snow machines

With the long turnaround times and high costs associated with outsourcing, Snow Business sought an on-site solution for prototyping, functional testing, and creating the final nozzles for its snow machines.

With the Ultimaker nozzles can be created in-house within a few hours and at a fraction of the costs of outsourcing.  In the long run, this turned out to be more cost-effective,  as the first printer paid for itself within just 2 weeks.

Download the Snow Business case study to read how the team were able to gain multiple benefits from incorporating the Ultimaker 3D printer into their design and manufacturing processes, including:

  • Accelerated R&D, no dependencies on third party agendas

  • Cost savings

  • Accessible solution without the need for specialised training

  • Design freedom with water-soluble PVA support


For more information on the range of Ultimaker 3D Printers and to find out how additive manufacturing can benefit your business.


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