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100+ 3D Printing Use Cases to Explore

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

We love to share the success stories of integrating 3D printers in-house. You can read any of our case studies that we've developed with our clients in Automation, Manufacturing, Engineering, Design and Industrial Equipment Manufacturing on our case study page.

Or if you want to explore more use cases, take a look at 100+ applications!

Markforged, one of our equipment partners, has also been building a library of real-world 3D printing use cases and examples from Markforged customers around the world. You'll see a handful of our customers featured in the top applications list too!

Learn about the parts and how they're being used to solve engineering and manufacturing challenges today. From automotive and aerospace to electronics and manufacturing, these modern manufacturers are already part of the additive movement.

Questions? Start Here.

Not sure how to get started with 3D printing or interested in a budgetary quote? Speak with a Markforged 3D printing specialist at CREAT3D, Markforged Value Added UK Partner, to get a clear overview of the technology, and we'll help you identify which printer is best suited for your needs.


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