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10,000 Masks a Week, 3D Printed

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Production Volumes Achieved in Additive Manufacturing with Nexa3D, Ultrafast 3D Printers

The recent partnership between Nexa3D and Henkel on their Open Materials Platform has resulted in a unique resin formula to be developed, the Nexa3D 3843-xABS Black resin. Based on Loctite 3843, the material offers excellent flexural and tensile physical properties with high green strength, making it ideal for functional parts. And that's exactly what Nexa3D have been doing.

At their HQ in California, USA, as part of efforts from Industry towards helping manage Covid-19, Nexa3D have dedicated their NXE400 ultrafast 3D printers to producing PPE, using the specialised material for the headband design used in their XShield and XShield Pro series of face shields.

The speed of the NXE400 (printing up to 1 z cm per minute) means that 10,000 face masks can be produced on a weekly basis - providing a true production capability.

Watch the short video, or download the full story below


As the UK partner for Nexa3D, contact the CREAT3D Team if you'd like to know more about ultrafast 3D printing and how it can be applied in your business.

Case Study_Faceshield_Nexa3D_Henkel
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