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Markforged Announce New Precise PLA Material

Markforged have recently announced new Precise PLA material for 3D printing, available in 8 different colours

Precise PLA is Markforged's specialised version of the common prototyping material Polylactic Acid (PLA). This is widely used across Additive Manufacturing, and can now be used with Markforged 3D printers. It is currently compatible with Mark Two (Gen 2) and Onyx Pro (Gen 2) desktop series 3D printers, with more being introduced in the future.

This material is best used to 3D print affordable prototypes, and a great complementary material to Markforged's Onyx (Nylon with micro carbon fibres). The wide range of colours of Precise PLA can be used to identify design iterations, colour code workshop tools, or simply for aesthetic purposes.

Find out more about the new Precise PLA material from Markforged. Or contact our team for a demo.


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