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CREAT3D Case Study
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“We can quickly solve our clients’ design or manufacturing problems with a workable solution. 
By using Additive Manufacturing, we are able to produce high tolerance pieces, fast”

Rachel Mackintosh, Project Engineer, KoveDesign


KoveDesign is a full service, high technology engineering design consultancy, established in 2011. The Kove Team has advanced engineering specialists across the automotive, motorsports, aerospace and healthcare sectors, totalling over 30 years collective service.

KoveDesign provides design and engineering services, including end-to-end product creation. Alongside Kove’s work for racing teams and sports car manufacturers, the consultancy also work with a wide range of clients including General Electric, the NHS, Rivian (Electric Vehicles) and Formula E.


Multiple Markforged desktop 3D printers, including the Mark Two fully composite 3D printer, and two additional Onyx Series printers for increased production capacity. Based on new services that Kove were able to offer through Additive Manufacturing, all printers were running flat out 24/7 for 9 months.


Ensuring that products are robustly designed for manufacture, in short turn-around times.


>  Return on investment on the initial equipment, in less than 3 months, adding 2nd and 3rd machines within 9 months


> Clients receive 3D printed solutions to their design and manufacturing problems, within days

> Competitive advantage through the ability and agility to respond quickly to client’s requirements

> New revenue streams through offering 3D printed end-use components at lower cost, with enhanced functionality and reduced weight



> Clients now request 3D printed parts 

A further positive change that this high use of Additive Manufacturing has seen, is that clients are now requesting 3D printed parts, or request that their design incorporates 3D printing. Clients are changing drawings to reflect the requirements for Onyx (the Markforged Nylon based material), and they are adapting designs to be 3D printed.

Rachel Mackintosh, Project Engineer, explains: 
“The most consistently supplied parts in particular within our Automotive clients are now 3D printed.”

Fast turnaround times with enhanced part performance

Using 3D printing has enabled fast turnaround for Kove’s clients.

Rachel adds: 
“We can quickly solve our clients design or manufacturing problems with a workable solution. By using Additive Manufacturing, we are able to produce high tolerance pieces, fast.”

Furthermore, the technology lends itself to more complex designs, single parts instead of assemblies and enhanced functionality:


“Two of the best features of the Markforged 3D printers is the excellent surface finish that the material (Onyx – Nylon with micro Carbon Fibres) produces, which is essential for our clients, as well as the ability to encapsulate inserts during the print process. It’s a very powerful tool” highlights Peter Kent, Composites Director at Kove.

Based on new services that Kove were able to offer through Additive, all printers were running flat out 24/7 for over 9 months.


3D printed pedal.jpg


Material: Laser cut, weld and anodise, Aluminium

Lead time: 2+ days

Cost: Approx. £100


Production method: 3D Printed in Onyx (Nylon with micro Carbon Fibre).

Nut embedded into pedal during printing process

Lead time: 8 hours. Lead time saving 83%

Cost: Approx. £100. Similar cost to traditional form

Additive Manufacturing is now deeply embedded in KoveDesign’s capabilities and this is what creates their leading  service, agility and design capabilities, standing Kove out from other engineering consultancies. 

Speed to respond to client design and manufacturing issues, providing a functional design that can be produced, at low cost and quickly, sees Additive Manufacturing continuing to expand as a service and capability at Kove 


As an independent Solutions Provider for Additive Manufacturing Technologies, we will share our cross-industry knowledge with you, so your company can gain a competitive advantage.

Contact our team to discuss your application and receive a free test print

Pedals side by side_edited.jpg
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