Read how Automotive OEM and Suppliers are using Markforged Composite Additive Manufacturing technologies to save costs, reduce lead times and improve design & performance on the production line.

  • Cost reductions of up to 96%

  • Reduce lead time from weeks to hours

  • Improved part design for better fit & functionality

CREAT3D work with a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers (Tiers 1-3) in the Automotive Sector; advising, supplying and supporting the integration of Additive Manufacturing technologies in-house.


Primarily using Markforged technologies, automotive specialist companies are 3D printing strong, robust jigs, fixtures, tooling, fixes for tools, maintenance, masks, measurement tools & guides. The technology is creating competitive advantages through reduced costs and lead times, reduced pain points on the production line, better use of resources and reduced stock holding.

Speak now with a CREAT3D Expert on 0800 689 1011 to discuss your applications and where AM technology can benefit you


As part of your free consultation, we ​will review your potential applications to advise on the suitability of the technology, as well as running a test print of your part to test and review.


Expert Tooling and Automation

Using multiple Markforged 3D printers to produce bespoke jigs and fixtures for assembly line applications, at a cost saving of 96% and a reduction in lead time of 98% from 3 weeks to 10 hours.

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